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Dave Gerhardt
1. Intro
2. Outline
3. Three quick things
4. One last thing

Hey, I'm Harry.

Two years ago I started writing marketing case studies. People liked them. So I left my job and went full-time.

Since then, they've been read by more than one million people. Which... still blows my mind. Thank you.

I'm spending the next six months working on an all-action course for marketers and entrepreneurs.

It’s everything you need to grow your business. Or more precisely, exactly how I’d help you grow if you hired me.

Before we get into it let me remind you what growth looks like.

You acquire leads. You convert leads to customers. You retain customers. You create loops so customers refer more leads.

Now, each module relates to one of these stages. Here's the outline:

Let’s go into the details.

1/ Content

How to build a modern day media company

First, I'm going to show you how to come up with a content strategy: Picking channels, standing out, distribution, tailoring, etc.

Then, I'm going to share specific growth guides for Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, newsletters, podcasts, SEO.

2/ Ads

How to run high-performance ads.

We're going to set up an ad strategy from scratch for a B2B and B2C startup. Then we're going to turn this strategy into REAL campaigns.

The exact process: Choosing platforms, making ads, A/B tests, targeting, tracking, etc.

I’m no expert here. So I’m working with a specialist on this one.

3/ Sales

How to get your first customers with sales

I'm going to teach you how to find people whose problem you solve, write emails which get replies, set up demos, and make some sales!

And again, it’s going to be REAL. Real emails. Real deals. Real rejections.

4/ Copywriting & Landing Pages

How to communicate your product so people actually care.

We'll start with the fundamentals: formulas, hooks, positioning, story.

Then, we're going to rewrite title after title (until you finally get the hang of it). And, Annie’s coming back 🥰

Finally, we'll use what we've learnt to write a landing page that converts (a more detailed version of my free guide).

5/ Onboarding & Churn

How to keep customers happier, longer

Acquisition and conversion are great. But without retention you’re pouring your good work into a bucket with a big hole in it.

This is where we fix that. You'll learn proper onboarding, customer education, retention-focused email sequences, and much more.

6/ Loops

What if your main source of growth was existing customers?

Most people think you build the product then you market it. Understanding loops means building the marketing into the product.

We'll run through the different types, the best examples, then deconstruct real businesses and set up some loops ourselves!

7/ Game Time

Finally, we're going to do it all for REAL

I've picked two businesses struggling with growth.

First, I'm critiquing their current marketing. Then, I'll show you exactly how I'd grow them (and help them implement).

I don't want to be the pundit that wins every game but he's never played one — José Mourinho

So, there's your outline. Now, before I retreat into the mountains and finish this… three quick things.

1/ It’s going to be short

You know those courses where instructors waffle for ten minutes over some bullet points.

This is going to be absolutely nothing like that.

I want to give you as much as possible in as little time as possible. New diagrams, examples, templates every 20 seconds.

2/ It’s going to be simple

No marketing jargon. No unnecessary complexity.

Each module is hundreds of hours of research, experimentation, talking to experts, getting my hands dirty, falling on my face...

Condensed into simple step-by-step videos.

3/ It's going to be practical

This isn't a marketing degree. Everything is practical. We’re going to talk about it. Then I’m actually going to do it.

I'm writing strategy, running ads, making sales.

For REAL. My exact process. That's how you learn.

One last thing

So five years ago I was learning to code. I bought this course called Learn Node by Wes Bos.

The course was awesome. I still reference it today. It helped me get my first job. I used it to build this very website.

So I emailed Wes and told him:

This thing is so good it feels like my favourite album

Now, what I’m about to say probably sounds corny. But I don’t care. It’s completely genuine.

I want to give you that experience

I want this to be so well crafted and entertaining that it feels like your marketing album.

I want you to be replaying videos for the next five years. I want it to help you get your first marketing job, get promoted, become a CMO.

I want it to help you grow your own business. I want you to buy it for your marketing team.

Above all that, I want it to help you enjoy marketing. Because, done right, it's a simple, sincere way of selling the thing you believe in.

* * *

If you'd like to know when this comes out (and get a 15% launch discount) pop your email in the box.

Over and out,

Harry DryHarry Dry
Harry Dry
Founder of Marketing Examples
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