Joe Wicks

How Joe Wicks started a movement


March, 2020. Fitness instructor, Joe Wicks, was putting the finishing touches to his nationwide tour of UK schools.

Coronavirus hit. The schools closed. Joe’s tour was cancelled.

It looked like a disaster. But Joe had an idea.

Parents were under pressure. He could be “the nation's P.E. teacher”. 30 minute workouts. Every morning. Live on YouTube.

P.E. with Joe was born. And, it's fair to say, it's took the nation by storm:

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Let's break down how Joe started a movement:

1) Niche down

Every movement needs a focal point. Joe's was kids.

This gave his workouts a purpose — “to keep kids active during lockdown”.

It seperated him from the hundreds of other YouTubers doing live workouts.

2) Communicate with clarity

The next step was delivering a clear message.

Video is long. Text is boring. Image is the best medium to communicate a message. And Joe's was great:

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A parent could look at it for two seconds, and know exactly what’s going on.

3) Spread the message

Next, Joe took to social media to rally his followers.

Through years of giving Joe had built up goodwill. And he could call on it.

Years of giving had banked him goodwill. It was time to leverage it:

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Two things stand out:

• Joe puts parents at the center of his message. It's not about him.

• The sharing instructions are specific. People need spoon feeding.

4) Create a bond

So, Joe did everything right. And 6 million tuned in for his first workout. The challenge was to keep them entertained.

So far, Joe's set P.E. homework, done fancy dress, and had kids write workout poems. Each new challenge is another social media spike, more press, and a chance to interact with his audience.

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Two weeks on and a million kids are still engaged.

* * *

That's how Joe Wicks went from fitness instructor to “the nation's P.E. teacher”. Messaging is key.

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