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My guide to conversational copywriting


Conversational copy is writing how you talk.

No sales megaphone. No business speak.

But that's easier said than done. So I've put together this guide:

1/ Don't write AT the reader

Involve the reader in your copy.

Dave Harland copywriting

2/ Use your customers' words

It's the easiest way to get the tone right.

Use your customer's words

3/ Load up on personal pronouns

People pay attention when you talk directly to them.

Personal pronounds in copywriting

4/ Don't worry about grammar

If you break the rules you’ll sound human.

Wendy's Twitter copywriting

5/ Start sentences with conjunctions

It flows better.

Conjunctions in copywriting

6/ Don't persuade

Let the reader be persuaded.

Persuasive copywriting

7/ Use contractions

Only academics say “you are”.

Contractions in copywriting

8/ Don't imitate

You're alive in inverse proportion to the density of cliches in your writing — Nassim Taleb

Don't imitate copywriting

h/t Madison Taskett

9/ Ditch the thesaurus

You're not impressing anyone.

Plain English copywriting

10/ Empathise

Understanding your customer is more important than impressing them.

Design Academy copywriting

11/ Respect the competition

It reflects self-confidence.

Drift v Intercom copywriting

12/ Don’t try too hard

Customers can see through fake shit.

Dave Gerhardt copywriting

13/ Tell stories

They’re more memorable than facts and figures.

Innocent copywriting

14/ Read it aloud at the kitchen table

If your partner cringes, re-write it.

Ahrefs copywriting

That's all folks!

Before I go, I want to credit Dave Harland. A few of these were straight out of his playbook. He shares great tips on LinkedIn. Check him out!

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— Harry

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