3 mins

One line. Eight Rhetorical Devices.


Last week I asked you for all the rhetorical devices in the line: “One Scoop. Once a day. Every day.”

I learnt a lot. So I'm dedicating this article to your answers. Believe it or not, there's eight!

1/ Parallelism

What it is: Repetition of a grammatical form

What it does: Gives a line rhythm

Parallelism in Copywriting

2/ Antithesis

What it is: Two opposite words placed side-by-side

What it does: Emphasises said opposites

Antithesis in Copywriting

3/ Scesis onomaton

What it is: Verbless copy

What it does: Quickens pace

Scesis onomaton in Copywriting

4/ Polyptoton

What it is: Repeated use of words sharing the same root

What it does: Bewitches words into memorable phrases

Polyptoton in Copywriting Examples

5/ Asyndeton

What it is: Intentional omission of conjunctions

What it does: Adds crispness, conviction, elegance

Asyndeton in Copywriting Examples

6/ Tricolon

What it is: Power of Three

What it does: Rolls of the tongue

Tricolon in Copywriting Examples

7/ Alliteration

What it is: You already know!

What it does: Propels the reader along

Alliteration in Copywriting Examples

8/ Epistrophe

What it is: Repetition at the end of successive clauses

What it does: Adds a little chime

Epistrophe in Copywriting Examples

Thanks for reading — Harry

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