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The most creative Coronavirus company pivots


1) Evo Entertainment cinema

Evo Entertainment converted their parking lot into a drive-in movie theatre.

It opened a fortnight ago to Spider-Man Homecoming. Every show since has been sold out:

Evo Entertainment's drive in cinema

2) Shake Shack

Shake Shack launched “DIY burger kits” with a free cooking tutorial. Now everyone stuck at home could recreate their legendary Shackburger:

Shake Shack's Shackburger kits

3) New Balance

In six simple words New Balance became a company with a much bigger purpose than just selling shoes:

New Balance

4) Lucky Devil Lounge

Portland strip club, Lucky Devil, transitioned to food delivery service, Boober Eats.

Pay $30, and a pair of scantily clad dancers deliver to your door:

Boober Eats

5) Joe Wicks

In response to UK schools being cancelled, fitness instructor, Joe Wicks started live-streaming 30-minute “P.E.” classes every morning on YouTube.

The nation got behind him. So far, he's pulled in more than 35 million views:

P.E. with Joe

6) Mobile Escape

The Canadian escape room company launched Escape Mail — escape room-style puzzles delivered to your door.

Demand was so overwhelming it's now a subscription service:

Mobile Escape launch Escape Mail

7) The SnapBar

Events company, The SnapBar, pivoted to gift boxes full of products from struggling local businesses.

After selling 500 in Seattle, they've expanded to LA, San Francisco, and Portland:

Keep Your City Smiling Boxes

8) El Che Steakhouse

El Che Steakhouse opened a popup butchers shop, selling raw cuts of the USDA Choice meat they normally serve.

All online. Curbside pickup:

El Che Steakhouse's butcher shop
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