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My Twitter Inspiration Handbook

When I started on Twitter I had no idea what I was doing.

So I made one big Google Doc where I started saving all the best “brand tweets”. Grouped into categories.

Today, it's ready to share. I hope you find it useful.

1/ Quick tips

Teach people something new in a tweet. Short, sweet, and shareable.


Steve Schoger, Tasty, Vizualize Value, Marketing Examples

2/ Threads

People don't click links. So if you've got a story worth sharing write a thread.


FC Barcelona, Tesla, Ecosia, OfficialFPL

3/ Memes

Make your brand relatable.

Sparknotes sells literature study guides. Twitter and literature study guides don't mix. So Sparknotes use pop-culture to make literature relatable.


SparkNotes, SparkNotes, SparkNotes, SparkNotes

4/ “Quick reaction” tweets

Each day a new story consumes Twitter. Think fast and you can go viral.


LEGO, OREO Cookie, Southampton FC, Tide

5/ Build in public

Makes your brand feel ALIVE. People want to come on the journey.


GatsbyJS, Fast, Notion, Rise at Seven

6/ Brand beef

Conflict creates interest. T-Mobile bragging about their 5G is boring. T-Mobile roasting Verizon's 5G is hilarious.


T-mobile, Wendy's, Potbelly, Burger King

7/ Casual content

Don't complicate it. Most people just want some light entertainment.


Dictionary.com, New Jersey, English Rural Life, Twitter, Chipotle

8/ Replies

Make a list of a few people in your niche. Turn on notifications. Comment something witty or thoughtful.


Wimbledon, Marques Brownlee, Morning Brew, Bitcoin

9/ Questions

Get to know your customers whilst building a sense of community.


Indie Hackers, Xbox, Headspace, Morning Brew, Notion, Shopify

10/ “Reply and we'll...”

Turns causal followers into brand advocates.


Spotify, Marketing Examples, Airbnb, Postmates, Wendy's, Fast

11/ Live tweeting

Your audience watch a cult show. That show trends every week. You live-tweet each episode.


Boohoo, Pretty Little Thing, Innocent, Missguided

12/ Transparency

Twitter loves transparency. Talk openly about your product you'll sell more ofyour product.


Billy's Donuts, Gumroad, Lenny Rachitsky

13/ Giveaways

Grows your follower count. Builds brand awareness.


Nando's, Tesco, Gumroad, Boohoo

14/ Celebrate customers

Making customers look good makes you look good. It's marketing without marketing.


Strava, Gumroad, Square, Product Hunt

15/ Galvanize followers

This tweet deserves a category of it's own.

65,000 people posting their Spotify playlist. All from one tweet.


16/ Share your product

You're allowed to share your product. Just don't make it look like an ad.


Starbucks, Fast, Dunkaroos, Fenty

17/ Consistency

And finally, consistency is how you imprint yourself. Your followers should recognise you without looking at the icon.

There's no better example than no name. Consistent tone, aesthetics and message.


no name, no name, no name, no name

That's all folks.

I won't lie this took a while. It'd be amazing if you could share with a pal. Or on Twitter, LinkedIn, Slack, wherever! Really would appreciate it.

If you'd don't want to miss more marketing guides (like this one), please do join my newsletter.

— Harry

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