Surprising a customer with birthday cake


Insurance company, Lemonade, sent a personalised birthday email to loyal customer, Andrew.

Andrew was touched and thanked them on Twitter:

Lemonade Insurance customer goodwill

Lemonade then followed up with an actual birthday cake sent to Andrew's workplace:

Lemonade Insurance birthday cake

And once again, Andrew thanked them on Twitter.

It's fair to say Andrew's now a fan for life, but what often goes unnoticed is the 2nd order benefits of delighting your customers:

• Andrew’s Twitter followers now think Lemonade is awesome

• Andrew’s co-workers, who all enjoyed a slice of cake, now think Lemonade is awesome

• Matthew Kobach shared this story on Twitter. His 35,000 Twitter followers now think Lemonade is awesome.

One delicious birthday cake. Hundreds of new fans.

That's the power of delighting individual customers.

Hattip to Matthew Kobach's Twitter where I got this one from.


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Harry Dry
by Harry Dry