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100 thank you cards. $5,200 extra revenue


Max Maher runs the Phoenix branch of Skinny Wimp Moving, a removal company in America.

Around 5% of sales come directly from client referrals. Max wanted to see if he could improve this number. So he started a little experiment.

He got together a list of 100 previous clients and started putting together a package which he would go on to mail to them. Each package included:

• A thank you card

• A handwritten letter

• A lottery ticket

• 5 business cards

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What happened?

9 weeks later the results were in:

1. Sales coming from referrals had shot up by 140%!

2. This equated to an additional $5,200 every month in total revenue.

Why does it work?

Well, to quote Max:

When everyone else is plowing money into Adwords, I think there is an opportunity out there to be a human, build trust, and stand out from the crowd.

It's fresh, it's different, it gets people talking. And for any regional business that's key. Picture the scene down the pub:

Tell you what Clive, I got sent a scratch card by this removal company today in the post the other day. Ended up winning 20 quid.

Two weeks later:

Oi Harry, what was the name of that removal company that sent you that scratch card again?

It's the perfect of example of how to turn your customers into fans. And when they're fans they start selling your own product for you.


This example is taken from Max's YouTube video. It's a good watch.

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