Iron Neck

What to do if Joe Rogan recommends your product?

Q. What do you do if Joe Rogan recommends your product?

A. Edit the footage into a video and run ads targeting Joe Rogan’s audience.

Why does it work?

Well, if you're a fan of Joe Rogan this doesn’t feel like an ad. People watch his videos for fun. So, you get the reach of an ad whilst maintaining the engagement of a regular post.

Secondly, the social proof is off the chart. Joe's not being paid to say any of this. And that makes a huge difference.

And finally, there's a retargeting benefit. I imagine a lot of people seeing the ad remember Joe talking about the Iron Neck on a previous podcast. But perhaps they were out running or about to go to bed. Only in seeing it on Instagram the next morning are they’re reminded to check it out:

Oh, this is the thing Joe was on about …


Thanks to George Mack for telling me all about this one.

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Harry Dry
by Harry Dry